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November 30th, 2011

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Earth Day
 Saturday, April 27, 2019
Rain Date is May 4

This is a fund raiser for Wind Dance Farm & Earth Ed Center

Cacapon State Park, Berkeley Springs, WV

Located 9 miles south of Berkeley Springs on Rt 522

Saturday, April 27, 2019        Rain Date: Saturday, May 4

2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Hike Beautiful Nature Trails from Batt Picnic Shelter

Three hiking options on the Central Trail: 

2.5, 3, or 5 mile hikes

Snacks & an earth friendly gift  will greet you at the end of the hike.

Preregistration:          Single – $20     Family – $35

On-Site Registration: Single – $25     Family – $40

Raise $50 or more in sponsors & your registration fee will be waived!

For more information contact Maegan 304 433 2702  

or e-mail Leslie at <>

Come hike and support our efforts!

Registration form is available on site or download here: Hike-A-Thon registration form 2019

Below is our annual fall appeal letter of 2016 – enjoy the read!

November 10, 2016


An exciting event happened last year—Bently, was born! November 7, 2015, a crane came to raise the frame for the Farm and Earth Education Center. The transformed fallen trees that were gently removed from the woods, hand carved, and put together into “bents” were raised from the ground. They were huge! My mom stood by my side and said, “The trees are coming back to life.” Joyful tears came as we watched bents hang in the air guided by skillful hands to their new home—birth happened.

Last year the building was literally flat on the ground—gigantic puzzle pieces scattered around waiting. Now they are up and pieced together; the building is tall and strong, and we are pleased. Thank you everyone who could be here for the frame-raising event. It was delightful to have timber framers Bruce and Al, and gourmet cook Genesee, guiding over sixty volunteers to assist making the event fun, tasty, safe, and peaceful. Many Wind Dance students were part of the volunteer crew, and after all six bents were in place, Maggie walked up to the building, patted it, and said, “Hi Bently,” and hence the name. Happy 1st Birthday Bently!

A year has gone by and Bently continues to grow; his once naked body now has a hat, a very, very good hat. On top are SIPs (structurally insulated panels) that provide insulation of an R-42 value, which means very, very hefty insulation that will help keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer. On top of the SIPs are amazing tiles from EcoStar—80% post-consumer use, recycled plastic and rubber tiles that look like slate— beautiful! EcoStar folks were a delight to work with and gave us a 40% discount. Nice! It took a while to finish, but with a lot of volunteers and workers, Bently’s hat was completed on October 21, just in time for winter. As we buckle up for winter we begin planning for the windows, doors, and walls to come in spring! We are getting closer and closer to an enclosed education center.

Currently, Bently is a huge pavilion and was used for educational programs for the past six months. All summer camps and the beginning of this school year were held at the new site; it was grand. It is so big, spacious, and beautiful —a huge difference from having to manage and provide education programs in and around our small log cabin. There is also a broad area for outdoor education activities, and the stream is just across the field. In the “pavilion” we were able to provide space, water, food storage, and shelter to enable smooth running programs. John created an amazing three-sink system by running hoses 300 yards from our rain water collection systems, and each day we brought a tank of potable water for drinking. Leslie created areas for participants’ gear, a large circle of chairs, tables for eating and creating, and a temporary kitchen. Farm steward campers built an outdoor bathroom facility. We created a wonderful temporary learning center that has enormously enhanced our farm and earth education programs.

Now, with winter closing in, programs have moved back to our home. We look forward to this being the last year there. Many of you have helped us grow, and we are so appreciative of your volunteer time and financial support. We look forward to your continued support as Bently of Wind Dance Farm and Earth Education Center continues to grow, serving farm and earth education programs.




Cacapon State Park        Saturday April 30        Rain date May 1

Proceeds will go towards a tree house designed by the kids!

Download Flyer at:     HikeAThonFlyerSpring2016(3)

Download Registration Form at:  Hike-A-ThonregistrationformS2016 (1)-2



Below is our annual fall appeal letter of 2015 – enjoy the read!

November 24, 2015

Greetings to all!

An exciting event happened—the crane came and we raised the frame! The roof is next! Many of you have supported our efforts to build a Farm & Earth Education Center, and we are sincerely grateful for your past contributions. They were tucked aside until a seed was planted for its development. The seed sprouted with vigor and a building is growing. Storm felled oak trees stand gracefully again—the first level, The Agriculture Center, is standing strong and is waiting to support the second level, The Earth Education Center, and a loft, which will house The Nina Schwartz Library.

This  appeal is designed so you can contribute through varying levels. The levels are in sync with different parts of the building. We have learned a lot about timber framing, as it has a language of its own—mortise and tenon, peg, brace, post, beam, and bent.

Funds ebb and flow as work is completed. A solid foundation with radiant floor heating has been laid, trees were gently removed from the woods, cut, milled, hauled away to be hand hewed into the timber frame, and returned as giant puzzle pieces. The first level is complete and splendid. It is amazing to walk through; the transformed trees feel strong, welcoming, and happy to be there. A dedicated volunteer, who also guided our teens to assist, has laid a temporary floor. Then the crane came, and the timber framers and many wonderful volunteers lifted and put the bents into place.  The next step is to raise the roof.

As work progressed over the past year our funds were replenished at perfect moments. We received generous gifts from two very gracious and kind friends, and from a local grantor, The Seeley Foundation. These funds have enabled all bills to be paid and enabled the second level of the frame to be raised, with remaining funds going towards the roof.

Funds raised through this appeal will go towards the roof and its insulation, and maybe more. The straw bale walls will follow, and we wait on word from grant applications for windows, doors, and solar installation. We have come a long way, and we have a good bit to go. With support, strength, love, and mindfulness in developing the center, we are holding today’s and future generations in light and hope in living with the earth.

Your continued kind support is greatly appreciated.  As our building grows and our educational programs continue, we will post happenings on our web, kickstarter, and facebook sites so you can share in the joy.

A contribution form is below.

With love and compassion for all people and all of the earth,

Thank you from Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Board Members,

Gary Stewart, Tim Newton, Sandy Kay, Sean Bryner, Maegan Bryner, John Devine & Leslie Devine-Milbourne

 Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center is a non-profit 501C3

Please mail your contribution to:  

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center

649 Virginia Line Rd, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Thank you for your kind support!

Please Print Your Name   ___________________________________

Address __________________________________________________


Email ______________________________     Date _______________

Please write checks to WDF&EEC for your Frame Raiser contribution. Count me in at this level:

_____   Peg $15 to $65

_____   Brace $75 to $125

_____   Post $135 to $325

_____   Beam $350 to $550

_____   Bent $600 to $1200

_____   Frame $1,500 to $4,500

_____   Raise the Roof! $5,000 and up!



A Fun Fund Raiser for

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center

Cacapon State Park, Berkeley Springs, WV

Located 9 miles south of downtown Berkeley Springs on Rt 522

Begin at the BATT SHELTER located pass the Nature Center

Saturday October 17, 2015            Rain Date: Sunday October 18


Hike the Nature Trail Loops!

Five mile hike begins 1:00

Three mile hike begins 2:30

 Snacks & Fiddle Music will greet you at the end of the hike.

Preregistration:         Single – $20       Family – $35

On Site Registration:   Single – $25    Family – $40

Registration Fee will be refunded if you get sponsors!

Pre-register and sponsor sheets available below

for more information contact: Maegan 304 433 2702

or Leslie

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center, a non-profit 501c-3, offers educational programs dedicated to exploring and understanding how the earth works, how humans interact with the earth, and the importance of preservation, conservation, and ecological thinking. The Center provides programs for homeschooled and schooled students, September through May, Summer Camp Programs, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) food and farm products during the harvest season – May through October. Wind Dance also offers a variety of educational workshops, gatherings, and festivities. Come hike and support our efforts!

Hike-a-thon Registration Information

Entry fees:
$20 individual (​$25 on-site)
$35 family of four (​$40 on-site) Raise $50 or more in sponsors
and get your registration fee refunded!
Optional scavenger hunt during the hike! Snacks and music throughout the afternoon!

Checks made payable to and return to: WDF & EEC
649 Virginia Line Road,      Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

For more information call (304) 433-2702 or email

The registration form is available from the icon at the top of the page, or print and return the following information.  Mail your registration form and fee to Wind Dance Farm.  See you at Cacapon State Park!


Annual Appeal – Fall 2014

Following is our annual campaign letter written October 2014.  We meet our goal of $20,000!  Thank you for your contributions.  The fall 2015 campaign letter will be out soon!

Greetings to all!

The happenings that occur throughout our adult years create an amazing personal tapestry with tasks and adventures juggled and woven together as seasons slip by. My personal tapestry has been woven through lifeguarding, traveling, being a secretary, pool director, student, teacher, environmental educator, farmer, parent and—along with my wonderful husband John Devine—a founder of a non-profit organization. Parenting has been an integral part of the weave. Our children have now blossomed into adults, and as they create their own tapestries, John and I are planted in this beautiful cradle in West Virginia—a small yet significant place in the universe. Our current big adventure is creating the Farm and Earth Education Center, and the process is akin to parenting: nurturing its growth with mindful juggling and weaving, getting through the snags, and tending to ubiquitous tasks. The creation of the center will remain long after the next several generations, and is dedicated to teaching about this wondrous earth, healthy farming and living, woven together with engaging activities, and—as long as we’re here—song and dance. “Yippee!” as John says.

Last year there was joyous excitement as we broke ground for the center—the inception. Four seasons have passed since we began with 130 huge trees, downed in a storm, gently removed from a friend’s forest. Volunteers repaired the forest access roads, and the trees were sawed at Wind Dance then hauled away to be hand hewn and carved into beams, posts, flooring, and bents for the timber frame construction. Excavation was completed, footers laid, drains and plumbing installed, and we are currently finishing the radiant floor heating system. Next the concrete slab will be poured. Board members and an alumnus have worked hard, volunteering time and effort, sharing ideas, and implementing them with saws, shovels, rakes, levels, and sledge hammers. Folks from close and far have shared their building expertise and advice, guiding us as we work diligently to keep costs as low as possible. Creation of the frame by the Shank Family took place in a huge barn in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. The process was amazing; giant puzzle pieces created before our eyes. These tasks have been enormous and are close to completion. Soon the timber frame pieces will be moved to Wind Dance where they will rest for the winter.

A project of this magnitude requires a great deal of financial backing, and we have gotten off to a great start. Many of you have been very generous in sharing your money, and we are confident it comes out of a desire to support what we do and to invest in current and future educational endeavors. We have been very careful and selective with the use of money, and the work so far has used the funds we have.   Contributions to this year’s annual appeal will go towards the raising of the building and the roof. Thanks to your generosity, last year’s appeal brought us $17,720, which was followed by $25,000 raised through our Kickstarter campaign. Our goal for this annual appeal is $20,000. As our frame and foundation sleep snug in wombs through the winter, our board members will go into labor searching for further funding. We are working with a local non-profit consultancy, RAISING CLARITY, who is kindly contributing time and advice.

Our efforts at Wind Dance are vast. As development progresses with the education center, our main focus continues to be our education and farming programs. Homeschool programs have more than doubled since we began; summer camps have grown to five weeks and are full; and CSA delivery boxes are lush with fresh, organically-grown veggies. Our students have been busy exploring, playing, creating, learning, and working for the earth—eradicating invasive species, raising monarch butterflies, restoring a steep barren hill with sprouted acorns and seedlings, partaking in Cornell University’s Ornithology Citizen Scientist programs, publishing a book, There’s Something Wild in There, cleaning up the roadside, participating in stream macroinvertebrate and chemical studies, enhancing a wetland, and creating rain barrels for families in southern West Virginia where precious water remains contaminated. Students also visited a mountain top removal site and are writing a second book, soon to be published, about historic Blair Mountain and mountain top coal removal. Two weeks from now a host of volunteers will nourish the earth with the planting of 200 trees and shrubs through a grant from the Conservation District. As you can see from this very small glimpse into what we do here, we are empowering our youth and the earth with positive action. And there are new endeavors sprouting, the first one being the introduction of environmental education programs for our local Morgan County public schools beginning 2015. These programs will instruct four school groups in the spring and eight in the fall. Following that effort the next educational stage will present adult programs. Photos of our happenings can be viewed on our Facebook page and through updates on the Kickstarter site.   Although they only provide a bit of insight, posts and photos are quite informative.

In spring we look forward to the raising of the center—its birth. When that time comes we invite you to join us at the farm to witness its amazing emergence.

To help us prepare for the raising, we ask you to give to our annual appeal. As funds come to us we will continue to juggle tasks, create lists to accomplish, and weave our tapestry. There will always be work to do for the earth—to acknowledge, honor, love, and heal. From our hearts we thank you for your past support and for considering supporting this year’s annual appeal.

Many blessings and love to you all.  We are working for a healthy planet and people,  Leslie & John

Thank you from Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Board Members:

Gary Stewart, Kris O’Brien, Tim Newton, Sandy Kay, John Devine, Leslie Devine-Milbourne

Please send your contribution with the following information to:

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center (WDF&EEC), 649 Virginia Line Rd., Berkeley Springs, WV, 25411. Thank you for your kind support!

Please Print Your Name __________________________________

Date ___________

Address ______________________________________________

Email _____________________________________

Please write checks to WDF & EEC and circle your tax-deductible contribution of choice:

$10           $25           $35           $50           $75         $100

$250         $300         $500         $1,000           Other ________

WDF&EEC is a non-profit tax-deductible 501c3.


Our Kickstarter Campaign is up and running until April 26!

To date we have raised  $2,439 ! There are 24 days to meet our goal of $25,000.  We have a lot of great rewards – family vacations, scrumptious meals, concerts, workshops, dances, items crafted from our slabwood, kid crafted bookmarks, puzzle pins and more! In the next 24 hours our goal is 15 additional backers and $1,500! The video is great. Contributions are tax deductible. The rewards are plentiful!

We are excited about this campaign and look forward to participation from all spaces in cyberspace! Check out the video. Read about our project. Chip in if you will and share with the world.

Here’s the link!

Love and blessings to all!    Leslie & John

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”
John Muir

Annual Appeal

Hello from Wind Dance. John & Leslie with one of the homeschool groups.

  As of January 2104 we have raised over $30,000 during the past four years!

We are making strides!

Thank you all who have contributed thus far.

For more information read our annual appeal letter below:

January 1, 2014

Greetings to all!

Wind Dance is in high gear and fast motion.  On Oct. 20, 2013 we had a groundbreaking ceremony for the education building, and last week excavation began! The ceremony was quiet, peaceful, and simple – we didn’t have a ribbon, and we didn’t have a shovel.  We had our hands and sage.  John gently pulled some ground cover and dug a hand full of soil, while Leslie blessed the space with sage.  We gave thanks for this piece of earth that will cradle a beautiful timber frame building that will be used for people to learn how the earth works, how to grow and cook food from the farm, for summer camps, school programs, the community supported agriculture program, to play music, sing and dance, and provide a space for farm interns and other educators to work.

Seven years ago we had a vision for a building to support the educational programs, as our small log cabin is not adequate. Five years ago, a parent listened to our dream and one day gave us a gift of seven pages of drawings.  We didn’t even know he had a degree in architecture. We started fund raising, getting estimates, and exploring building options.  Last year a distant neighbor had over 100 oak trees felled from a storm and another active parent consulted the owner about donating the trees to Wind Dance.  The contribution of the trees put gears in motion.  A force was telling us to get moving on with this project – and trust the money will continue to come.  We paid timber frame builders to remove the logs and bring them to Wind Dance.  The logs have been curing at the bottom of our hill.  Today, the builders will arrive with earth moving machines.  Next week they will bring portable saws.  They are experts in their trade of timber frame construction – a Mennonite family from Pa. A description of the building is enclosed in this letter.  It is an exciting time, as there have been numerous meetings, lots of drawings, decisions, and years of patience.

We raised $24,000 over the last four years, with $20,000 remaining.  Each year our annual appeal reaches about 300 people, and we have raised an average of $6,000 per year.  Our goal this year is $8,000. We are asking for your support, which will enable us to continue programs and to grow.

To further support the $250,000 building project we are creating a campaign through Kickstarter, an on-line site for projects that need funding.  This annual appeal letter is separate, and we will inform people through e-mail about Kickstarter later in the year.  Today we seek your support through our annual appeal.

As each new day graces Wind Dance, I look out the window and give thanks for this special place and for being able to share it with others, and today I also give thanks to all of you for considering the sharing of your money to support our efforts.   For updates on our efforts please visit our Facebook page – Wind Dance Farm and Earth Education Center, or phone us!

Many blessings to all of you,

As always, we are working for a healthy planet and people,

Leslie Devine-Milbourne and John Devine, co-founders


Below is a contribution slip

WDF&EEC is a non-profit tax deductible organization

Board Members invaluable to Wind Dance are:

Sandy Kaye      Gary Stewart      Angela Petry      Kris O’Brien

Tim Newton      John Devine      Leslie Devine-Milbourne

Please return the following portion with your contribution.  WDF&EEC is a non-profit tax-deductible 501c3.

Print Your Name ______________________________________

Date __________________

Address  _______________________________________________________________

Email (please include so we can update you on our efforts) _____________________________________

Please write checks to WDF & EEC and circle your tax-deductible contribution of choice:

$10            $25           $35           $50           $75

$100          $250         $300         $500         $1,000           Other  ________

If you know of some folks who may appreciate what we are doing, please let them know about our fundraiser!

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center

649 Virginia Line Rd

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 25411       304 258 4672

Thank you for your thoughtful support!


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