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February 1st, 2012


Homeschool Programs


We are in our fourteenth year of providing educational programs to home-schooled children and youth, serving 25 participants, ages four to sixteen.  The programs supplement the children’s schooling with their parents. Programs are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday  from September through May.  There are generally 10-12 children a day.  Costs range between $25-28 per day.

On Thursday and Friday the focus is environmental education and farm stewardship, natural history, science, traditional song and dance, art, and literature, and twice a day children simply play.  Wednesday  is teen day!  The focus is environmental education, conservation, literature and science.   Tuesday is a cross-over day for students who attend Wind Dance twice a week.  The focus is history, farm stewardship, environmental science, literature, traditional song and dance, and art.  This year all students are also studying biology.

A Reflection of Wind Dance during a brain storming session with home-schoolers:

Friendship, Laughter, Music, Peace, Joy,

Dance, Nature, Imagine, Working Together,

Tending the Farm

Creating with Clay, Paint, Yarn, and more


Listening to the Earth


Field Trips for Public Schools

We are excited to offer field trips for Morgan County Public Schools, grades k-8 and have a grant available for bus transportation for five more classes!  The grant has been given to us by the Two Rivers Giving Circle.

The programs offered are engaging hands on environmental education activities that support science standards.  Please download the flyer and call or email us for an available date!

304 258 4672

School Pamphlet for internet K-8


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