Wind Dance Farm CSA

March 3rd, 2012

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center

A Certified Naturally Grown Farm

Berkeley Springs, WV

CSA 2016 

Thirteen years offering local food! 

Welcome to our thirteenth year of providing locally grown food through our Community Supported Agriculture, CSA. Wind Dance Farm CSA is your opportunity to receive food for fifteen weeks in exchange for your monetary support. We carefully tend to the land, growing wholesome vegetables and fruits, and preparing numerous value added goods. It is a simple system benefiting the earth, you, and us.

There are many benefits of a CSA – we benefit by knowing there are committed members of our community who share many of our philosophies – supporting a local farmer, knowing where food comes from, how it is grown, when it is harvested, how far it travels, the nutritional quality of food, and eating local in-season foods. You also receive a variety of baked goods, soups and other prepared food items.

As a CSA member, you will nourish yourself with fresh hand picked food that has come from soil tended to carefully, thoughtfully, and lovingly, carrying with it minerals and vitamins often lacking in store bought foods. You will be directly in touch with the family growing your food, and you keep financial support within the community. With each bite of our products you are benefiting the earth, a local farm, and yourself.

There are many benefits to the earth as we implement biointensive farming practices:

Composting and growing green manure

Double digging and layered bedding

Companion planting and hexagonal plant spacing

Use of open pollinated and organic seeds

Use of natural pesticides and fertilizers, and mulching beds

Soil tests and soil amended with organic material

Minimum use of Fossil Fuels – most of our labor entails elbow grease

Biointensive farming requires time, patience, and physical energy. We explore and follow the laws of nature – conserving soil, water, and energy, preserving land space, diversifying, and adapting. We store and use rain water, compost green and brown manures, as well as garden and kitchen leftovers, and we are careful about energy flow – our products travel few miles in a fuel efficient vehicle, while most food in chain stores travels an average of 1300 miles. We work for the health of the earth and people.

“Thinking globally, acting locally”

We grow food within Certified Naturally Grown guidelines,

utilizing bio-intensive mini-farm methods selling locally.

Each week you receive quality wholesome food with occasional prepared products – baked goods, soups, jams, pesto, flowers, soap, and calendula ointment. The produce you receive will be in season and vary as the harvest weeks slip by.   Each week there will be a list of the foods we offer, and at times a newsletter will be written, which includes suggestions on food preparations and updates on our farm and efforts. Members often share recipes, which are delightful and fun – we include them in newsletters. A cookbook, Asparagus to Zucchini, A Guide to Farm Fresh Seasonal Produce, compiled by a CSA in Madison, WI, is available for purchase throughout the season. It is a wonderful book with a simple layout providing brief historical and nutritional information, ideas for quick preparations, recipes, and storage and preservation tips.


Membership in Wind Dance Farm CSA is financially based on pledge options:

  1. $35 a week –   full share for 15 weeks – two to four people
  2. $30 a week – partial share for 15 weeks –   one or two people
  3. full or partial share with flexible dates – a minimum of ten weeks – your choice

There is a one-time cost of $40.00 for the entire season, which is $2.66 a week, covering expenses for foods we are not growing yet, or are challenged to grow. Expenses include travel time to other farms, harvest hours, and payments to other farmers. We have developed nice relationships with other local farmers, and it is a joy to visit them throughout the season.  We will inform you when food is derived from another farm.

There are payment options – paying in full at the beginning of the season or partially throughout.  We are flexible and can work out payments to fit your needs.

We are always working to provide the best for you and the earth! We hope you consider becoming a member of Wind Dance Farm CSA!  To join our CSA fill out and mail the membership form below.  You are welcome to call or email us, as well.

Working for a healthy planet and people,

Leslie Devine-Milbourne and John Devine

Wind Dance Farm & Earth Education Center

649 Virginia Line Rd

Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

304 258 4672

CSA Sample Food List  from past seasons

Strawberries                                                                        Herbs:

Apples                                                                                         Dill

Peaches                                                                                      Basil

Blueberries                                                                                Mint

Cantaloupe                                                                               Arugula

Cherries                                                                                     Cilantro

Pears                                                                                          Chives

Watermelon                                                                             Parsley



Onion                                                                                    Eggs


Lettuces – a variety                                                            Flowers – an assortment


Spinach                                                            Prepared Goods:

Chard                                                                           Potato Soup

Beet Tops                                                                    Roasted Lemon Potatoes

Kale                                                                              Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mustard                                                                       Zucchini Bread

Green Beans                                                               Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Cucumbers                                                                   Oat Cookies

Eggplant                                                                       Day Lilly Muffins

Tomatoes                                                                      Potato & Rosemary Soup

Beets                                                                               Beet & Carrot Salads

Sugar Snap Peas                                                          Pumpkin Bread

Squashes – summer & winter                                  Pickled Potato Salad

Peppers                                                                           Dill Soup

Turnips                                                                           Eggplant & Zucchini Toss

Potatoes                                                                          Tomato-Squash Soup

Sweet Potatoes                                                               Zucchini-Elderberry Biscuits

Rhubarb                                                                           Potato Salad

Kohlrabi                                                                           Bean & Green Soup


Canned goods at end of  season:


Bread & Butter pickles


Tomato Sauce

Wind Dance Calendula Ointment

Wind Dance Goat Milk Soap

Wind Dance Farm CSA

Member-Farmer Commitment  –  2016

  1. Each member will receive a CSA Box of produce weekly from the end of May until the end of September. There will be a few breaks, as we have camp obligations. Delivery dates are noted on registration form. Produce will be provided for 15 weeks, with an option for a flexible delivery schedule, with a minimum of ten weeks.
  1. Produce you receive is grown bio-intensively – beyond growing organic, under the parameters of Certified Naturally Grown (CNG).
  1. Members choose one of three options:                                                                                                              full share $35 per week – $525 for the season – 15 weeks                                                                                partial share $30 per week -$450 for the season – 15 weeks                                                                           full or partial share, with a flexible schedule, a minimum of ten weeks
  2. A deposit of $50.00 or $100 is made at the time of registration with full payment by the first harvest. However, we are flexible! We understand paying in full can be a challenge. Payment options can be arranged – please inquire.
  1. Pick up and delivery! You can pick up your share at our farm on Wednesday afternoons between 12:00 and 7:00, or meet us at the library in town between 12:00 and 12:30. Other arrangements can be made if needed.
  1. Members are responsible for picking up produce weekly. If you are going to be away please inform us three days in advance.
  1. Wind Dance Farm welcomes visitors. You are welcome to visit the farm and see how your food is grown!

Wind Dance Farm

CSA Membership Form – 2016

Name(s) ___________________________________________

Address __________________________________________

Town ______________________________   Zip ________________

Phone ____________________________   email _______________________________

Choose one of three options:

  1. Full Share for 2-4 people – $35 per week           check here for this option _______

15 week season – $525   plus $40.00   Total is $565

  1. Partial Share for 1-2 people – $30 per week         check here for this option _______

15 week season – $450   plus $40.00   Total is $490

  1. Flexible Share, minimum of ten – choose either full or partial share.

Check one: Full Share $35 per week   ____     Partial Share $30 per week _____

Indicate number of weeks, ten being the minimum ______.

Cost for harvests from other farms is a one-time cost of $40.00.   Please be sure this is included in your total cost.

Total payment due:      Share total ______________ plus $40.00 = ______________

Payment enclosed:   _____ Full Payment   _____ $100 deposit     ______ $50 deposit

Full payment can be made at first delivery. If this payment plan does not work for you, we are flexible and offer payment options. Please call/email and we will work with you.

Please make checks payable to Wind Dance Farm. Send this form and check to:

649 Virginia Line Road                                   phone 304 258 4672

Berkeley Springs, WV 25411                          email

Thank you for supporting our CSA. We look forward to serving you soon!  Please let others know about us!

Always, working for a healthy planet and people,

Leslie & John


Mark your calendar! 15 weeks of delivery! If you have chosen option 3 please circle the 10 or more weeks you would like to pick up.

CSA 2016 Delivery Dates:

May 25                           June 1, 8, 15, 22                          July 6, 20

August 3, 10, 24, 31             September 7, 14, 21, 28

Additional fall harvests may be available for after September 28.


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